Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's next?

Benjamin's cast comes off on September 11th. What a big day that will be. He will then wear a splint on his hand for up to a year. First it will be all the time and then it will be only at night. It's hard to know what to expect without first going through it. Benjamin met with a speech therapist for the first time today. She is helping with not only his speech but also with his overall oral-motor development. This includes eating and drinking also. Benjamin has been having some issues with swallowing some foods and we believe it may be what's called a stricture in his TEF surgery site. He is going in for a swallow study on September 2nd. Between doctors and therapist sometimes life gets really crazy!!! I'm so thankful for them though. Without their knowledge Ben wouldn't be "The Man" he is today!

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