Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three weeks after surgery

So it has now been three weeks since Benjamin had his right hand pollicization. He is doing great!!! Everyday I'm amazed by how miraculous he is! He is now walking all the time. He has chosen to try to do everything he did before. There are somethings he has a hard time doing. Things that require two hands get really frustrating. He is able to drink his bottle and feed himself all on his own. I found some bowls with the suction cup on the bottom to hold his bowl still on his tray. I also bought some men's socks that are dark colors, cut them in half and use them to cover his cast during meals. This helps to keep his cast somewhat clean. We put that rubber tape wrap on his cast to give it some grip so he can use his cast to help hold his bottle. He hasn't whacked any of his siblings yet! He can't take a bath so it's pretty much sponge baths. I do put his head under the kitchen sink to wash his hair. One day I did fill a small dish washing pan with soapy water, covered his cast by tying a zip lock around it, and sat him in it to wash his body. Then I wrapped him in a towel and put his head over it to wash his hair. It worked well! Creativity is a mom's best friend!

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