Thursday, August 21, 2008


The day of surgery finally came. Benjamin's surgery was scheduled for 9:3o am. This meant that Benjamin couldn't have any food after 12am and only clear liquids between 12am and 2am. I actually was awake at 1:45 am so I got up and gave him a bottle of apple juice. I woke up around 5:30am and Benjamin woke up shortly after that. He was standing in the kitchen stomping his foot at me telling me he was thirsty and hungry. I knew this would be tough and it was. We left for the hospital at 7am. We had a 1hr drive to get there. Once at the hospital we went to the surgery waiting room. We waiting there for around 15 mins and then they brought us back to a room with a big metal crib. They asked many question, check his stats, gave us ped pj's and left us alone for a little while. Benjamin looked so cute in his pj's as you can see! The surgery ended up starting 1 hr late so they brought in a wagon full of toys which distracted angry (from hunger) Benjamin. The surgeon came in to visit with us. They marked Ben's hand with a marker right in front of us to show which hand the procedure was to be performed on. This was actually a bit of a stress reliever. Shortly after that, the anastegeolagist came in to meet Benjamin. I was really nervous about them putting him in the crib and taking him away. At this point Ben wouldn't even let daddy hold him. He was glued to me. They did give him something orally to relax him so when they did come to get him, the nurse came into the room with a warm blanket, took him from my arms and wrapped him up. He didn't cry until he was way down the hall. I could barely hear him so that helped out a ton! I did share some tears and they took my son. It was tough! The surgery took around three hours and then they brought us to a room to meet with us. They let us know that the surgery had gone great and we would be able to see him shortly. Not long after that they came out to get me because he was crying and every time he cried his stats would go crazy. I was able to take him in my arms and walk next to his crib all the way to his room, sit down in a chair and just hold him. We gave him pain meds when needed to keep him still and resting. He stayed in the hospital one night and was ready to leave by 10am the next morning. I was so worried that it would slow him down, but when we got home, he was starting to walk again, climbed up on the couch and also jumped on his little trampoline. After going through this surgery we decided that Benjamin is "The Man"!

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Anonymous said...

Ben definately is the man!
Lori and Benji