Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts before surgery

I have to admit that prior to surgery I was 90% sure I was doing the right thing, but 10% of me kept questioning. The hard part is that it has taken such hard work to get him to where he is developmentally and I didn't want to see him fall back. I was unsure of what surgery and a HUGE cast would do to him. He has just started walking. We had been praying for months that he would begin walking before his surgery. I felt like if he could do it before, then he would slowly pick it up after. I was so nervous that if he wasn't walking it would take him forever to learn with the added difficulty of only one functioning hand and one casted arm. Well he did start walking. Just two weeks before surgery. Praise God! The day before his surgery I was having such a hard time. As a mother you worry about any surgery. Every surgery holds with it risks and you wonder what would you do if something happened and the surgery was for something that was not life threatning. But still I press on! Then I remind myself that for weeks our family has been praying that Ben would stay healthy so he could get a new thumb and here I am all worried. I needed to stop fretting and trust God. I also needed to be thankful that Ben was going to get the new thumb we had been praying for. So I changed my mindset and that night we had a celebration dinner. A celebration for Ben's new thumb!

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