Monday, October 6, 2008

Gettin' better every day!

How amazing Benjamin is. He is starting to use his right hand more. Before surgery he was right hand dominant. After surgery because of the cast he began using his left hand. Now that the cast is off he is left hand dominant but is beginning to use his right hand more. Three weeks ago he hardly used it at all. Then he began using it for assistance. Just in the last few days I see him using it by itself. I would say he is still left dominant though. He is beginning to get the pinch concept. Now when I instruct him to pinch he is able to do it a little. Only on command though. I think it is so funny that I'm telling him to pinch. If my other children were to pinch I would say, "No, no, ablsolutely NO!!!" All in the name of therapy I say regarding Benjamin. That includes drinking bath water!!! My other children may need counseling someday over this issue, ha ha! I will post new pics of his thumb sometime in the next few days. Thanks for all the comments and question. For those who have been down this road and have posted, thank you thank you thank you! It gives me hope.

God bless!

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