Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday pictures, fun pictures, and deep thoughts!

I cried tonight as I uploaded Benjamins birthday pictures. Just two years ago Benjamin was 6 days old and fighting for his life. It all still seems so raw. I feel like there is a permanent scar on my heart that has healed but the scar is there to remind me how precious life is. Are there any other parents who have gone through this who feel the same way? At times I feel like I'm just finally getting my life back to normal, but then again what is normal. Maybe we just have a new normal. Okay, so there are the deep thoughts! Now on to better things.

Benjamin isn't able to blow, but he tried so hard to blow out his candles. This is one of the things the speech therapist is currently working on. The day he is able to blow the feather across the table you may see me doing a victory dance kinda like the football players in the end zone. I'll post a video when it happens!

There's nothing like the joy in a child's eyes while opening up presents!

I found a bubble machine for his party. He absolutely loved it. Bubbles were blowing everywhere. He just stood there in amazement.

Benjamin sat at his little computer one day for the longest time. I call him my Little Einstein. He sat there so long that he actually fell asleep and almost fell of the couch.

This is the best photo I could find of what his hand looks like now. He's in bed sleeping like I should be or I would take a really good one. I will try in the next few days.

I liked this photo because it showed him using his hand at 2 1/2 weeks after getting his cast off.

Well that's it for tonight. I'm off to sleep:-)

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