Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ben's new thumb

I tried to update this blog over a week ago, had all the text on, was ready to post pictures and then my computer shut down and I lost all the work I had done. My life is so crazy busy, that I'm just now getting to trying again. I'm hanging out in CO Springs today at a hotel with my children while my husband is getting dental work done. Now for the update!

Ben is doing great! Getting the cast off was quite the experience. They were so worried he would be able to pull his arm out of the cast, but when it was time to take the cast off it took over 30 minutes for them to get it off. The saw was so loud which led to Ben pretty much crying loudly the entire time. It was very exciting to see his reaction when it was finally off. He immediately said, "All Done". (Side note - we are switching Ben over to a toddler bed and the other night at 2am he woke up, opened his door and came down the hallway saying "All Done". He came into our room and I was laughing so hard. Daddy got up, took his hand and marched him back to his bed. Now that he is talking he is sooo... funny!) Okay, so after the cast was off he just sat there and watched his finger move. He said "ouch" quite a few times which was probably from his hand being in the cast for six weeks. Next I had to take him to a Therapy Facility where they fitted him for a splint. This took an hour which he also thought was terrible and cried the whole time. Our little ones with VACTERL or other difficulties go through so much. I think Ben's just had it with it all!!! The surgery has been worth it though. When the cast came off, his hand still had quite a bit of healing to do. There was alot of scabbing but I think it couldn't really come off until the cast was removed. Within a week, the surgery site was pretty well healed up.

He is now wearing his splint all night and half of the day. Slowly day by day he uses his hand more. He favored his right hand before surgery, but of course now favors his left. I have discovered that he is having to reprogram his brain to do the finger/thumb pinch. I'm sure this is why the doctors prefer to do the surgery at six to nine months before the brain is programed too much. So Benjamin was 22 months when he had the surgery. He has the ability to do it, now it will just take therapy time. For anyone considering having the surgery, IMO I say do it ASAP! If they are older than 6-9 months, still go for it! These children are amazing and can do amazing things. Benjamin will figure it all out, just as he figures everything else out. He is my little man and he "wows" me more everyday!


Christine said...

His thumb looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

That's great! My daughter just had her surgery 8/27 on her right hand (underdeveloped thumb) and will get her cast off 10/6. This helps me visualize what we will see when it is off!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto your blog while reading about pollicizations. My son had both of his hands done last year. It is officially not something that we think about any more, instead being distracted by the usual 2 year old antics. His hands function as well as any other. Good luck to you.

cxababy said...

My son has one underdeveloped thumb on his right hand and is missing the bone that connects his thumb to his wrist on his left hand. I'm scared to death I may make the wrong decision about what to do. Do you by any chance have a picture of his new thumb after it was totally healed?