Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's about time

I just realized it had been three months since I've posted anything on this blog. I thought I would share some Christmas pictures. Benjamin and his little (ha!ha!) brother Justin received matching outfits. Benjamin was also given a really cool spoon as shown in the picture. Also shown is his new Thomas the Tank Engine duplo set. We spent Christmas in Arizona with my parents and had a great time. Benjamin is becoming quite the little social young man. It's so great to see him coming out of his shell in new environments. While in Arizona, we went out onto the Marine base where they have some old tanks parked. We went there last year but Benjamin was too young. This year he was old enough to climb all over them and even climbed down inside one of them. Pictures to come of that. I have to get them from my husband's camera. One of his new things he loves to do is play the Wii Fit Plus game. He loves to do the jogging one which requires him to just hold the remote and run in place on the floor. He also loves to run his little heart out while standing on the balance board for the bicycle one while I steer the bicycle. Watching him play this is so exciting since three years ago we really didn't know what he would be able to do. He has excelled far beyond what most doctors said he would. All praise to God! Benjamin heads to the eye doctor tomorrow for his six month visit. Other than that things are pretty quiet right now which I LOVE! His speech therapist has been ill so he'll have to wait to start speech therapy again. I pray that all of your New Years are off to a great start. God bless!

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