Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Taken just before leaving to take off the cast.

This is the splint Benjamin gets to wear at night and most of the day.

This is what his hand looks like now, one day after cast removal and 9 weeks post surgery.

Benjamin was being silly insisting that I take a picture of his funny pose.


Christine said...

The funny pose is beyond cute. He is such a cutie pie. Do you want to squish him all day? His hands look fantastic! I really hope he and Brody get to play one of these days!

Pickles mom said...

Your son is adorable and his story is very inspiring. I found your blog while googling VACTERL. We learned last week that our unborn son may also have VACTERL syndrome. I am 25 weeks along in the pregnancy and it's kind of a scary time for us. I am also looking for success stories. Thanks for sharing yours! I have a blog for my daughter--if you are wondering--who is this lady?

Best wishes for your son and your family.