Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a crazy life!

Just when you think life can't get any crazier, guess what? IT DOES!!! So last Wednesday afternoon I was just getting ready to take a nice hot bath when I thought, "Wow, I haven't had to bring Benjamin to the doctor this week!" How nice is that!! 15 minutes later, while still in the bath, Benjamin came to me complaining that his thumb hurt (the hand that just had surgery). I looked in his cast and it appeared that there was a little white ball inside. My first thought, Ben shoved a ball down inside his cast. As I investigated I realized it was actually the pin they had put in his thumb to hold it in place. "Oh no!!!" The pin is coming out! This is not good. I jumped out of the bath and immediately called the doctor's office telling them the pin was coming out. They set up an appointment for the next morning. Oh yea, a trip to Grand Junction (1 hr each way) just what I had been wanting to do all week. So the next morning off we went, only to have the doctor tell me that the pin had been there all along I just couldn't see it before because it had been covered up with gauze. Wonderful, a trip for nothing. Then on Friday morning Benjamin woke up coughing terribly and refusing to get out of bed. He had caught the nasty cold virus the rest of my family had. At 2 am the next morning (Saturday) I woke up to him breathing rapidly, racing heart rate and a temp of 102. So off to the Emergency Room we went. Ends up he has Walking Pneumonia. Returned home that day and went back the next morning for a check-up. And I was so excited about not having any doctors appointments last week. I then ended up with three! Just when it seems like life can't get any crazier, IT DOES!!! Benjamin is finally doing better today. Ate his first meal and walked around for the first time in four days. Sometimes having a child with medical needs seems so overwhelming but in the end you look back, hear them laugh and play and it is all worth it!

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Christine said...

Poor sweetheart! Glad he's feeling better. Now if only mom could catch a break! Hey, I have a question - when Ben had the polli surgery, could he move his thumb? Brody's thumb seems so wrapped up in his cast, like they didn't want him to move it. Just curious. He has a cast change Feb. 25.