Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Surgery is over

Benjamin's surgery went very well and we are already home. We showed up at the Surgery Center at 6:30 am and they had us out of there by 11:45am. We were shocked when they said we were free to leave when we felt comfortable. All I know is that what we dealt with today beats going to the hospital any day!!! Ben is now resting thanks to tylenol with codeine. The surgeon said the surgery was successful. It turned out that Benjamin had only a partial tendon out of four tendons in the thumb. They transfered a tendon from his index finger and one from his pinkie. It is possible they may need to transfer one from his ring finger in the future. Only time will tell. Glad the surgery is over and we'd be happy if this was the last surgery EVER!! We'll see what God has in store.

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Christine said...

He is just the cutest little man!